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Print with  us a unique and original advertising calendar. Thanks to a personalized printing, the calendar will perfectly convey the image of your prospects. It is a unique commercial tool that you can offer in different formats and at a minimum price. We enhance your daily visual communication with personalized calendars.



Once you have decided on the appropriate format, you can choose betweendifferent supports. If you want a more classic calendar, you can opt for 250 g/m² glossy coated paper, 350 g/m² matte coated paper or 300 g/m² 100% recycled offset paper. If you want to stand out and add a touch of luxury to your advertising calendar, you can opt for one of ourcreative papers. The 300 g/m² white Cryogen has the particularity of being extremely white and with fine embedded glitter, an original and very pure support. The 300g/m² gold or silver metallic paper is recognizable by its colors that are very present in the printed document, providing a luxurious and attractive touch. Finally, the 300 g/m² laid paper is neutral but at the same time high-end thanks to its whiteness and textured appearance. You can also choose a coating and laminated for your calendar. Indeed, the first page of it can benefit from a transparent plastic film. The laminate It is used for its aesthetic and protective qualities. In fact, it increases the useful life of the products that are laminated. Finally, we can bring a little fun to the advertising calendar with the addition of selective varnish and 3D selective varnish.


To request a quote, you can write to our chat, via email or call us.


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Spiral Table Calendar

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