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In the case of the stapled wall calendar, we have different printing options on both sides. You can choose between a matte or glossy satin paper. For both cases there are three weights: 115 g/m², 135 g/m² or 170 g/m². Additionally, you have the option of adding a thick matte or glossy 250gsm paper cover. Regarding the number of calendar pages, you can choose between 12, 16, 24 and 28 pages. The 12 and 24 page ones are 250gsm coverless stapled calendars. The 16-page calendars (with cover) feature an image accompanying each month's grid on the same page. The 28-page stapled calendar (with cover) is "double," since the photo is on the page above the month grid (or vice versa). Unlike the desk calendar, this wall calendar is held together using staples. In the case of A4 format calendars, these will be stapled on the longest side (landscape view). For those in A5 format, there is the possibility of stapling them on the longer side (landscape view) or on the shorter side (vertical view). In any of these cases, this calendar has a 5 mm hole on the opposite side of the stapled part, located 1 cm from the edge. Thanks to it, you can hang it on the wall with the help of a nail or a thumbtack. You can print between 5 and 1000 copies of this product. This wall calendar will attract everyone's attention.


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Stapled Wall Calendar

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