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The printing of the round calendar is made thanks to a shaped cut. This can be done thanks to predefined dimensions, ideal for this type of calendar. In this way, we offer a round one with a diameter of 7.5cm, one with a diameter of 9.5cm, one with a diameter of 13cm and another with a diameter of 20cm. You can also offer a 20 x 9cm oval calendar. For a cheerful and impressive round calendar, you must choose the correct printing medium. If you prefer to have a calendar with plain paper, you can choose a glossy coated 250g/m² support. This paper will be very bright and will be able to integrate all types of visuals. The same thing happens for the 350g/m² matte coated paper. The difference with the first is in the finish. Its matte side will give it a more sober look. In addition, its weight is greater, therefore, it will be thicker. To complete the range of "classic" papers, we offer you 300g/m² 100% recycled natural offset paper. This is part of an ecological project, because it is made from recycled paper.

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Round Calendar

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